Life is not a Dress Rehearsal–Finding Purpose by Crafting and Living Your Mission Statement

Daily Quote: “Remember Life is a journey. And your mission statement is your mental map for living a life of meaning and on purpose.” MWH

Reflection: Over the years, it becomes apparent that living a life of Meaning and On Purpose is not an easy task because crafting and following a  Personal Mission takes commitment and flexibility. Like a bullet train, your circumstances change people come and go in your life, priorities shift and change is about the only thing we can count on in life. Certainty is not an attainable state for living a quality life.

Some goals will be achieved others need to be renewed and dreams need to  change. All of this is reality and is okay – because change means opportunity and self development possibilities. As you grow, transform, and reshuffle your goals and dreams, it is important to allow yourself the freedom to choose, expand and re-frame your mission statement. For now, if you have developed a mission statement and a clear purpose for living take time to celebrate because you are just 1% of humanity that has taken the time to provide direction for living their life. Well done. Tell your friends about your newly stated purpose in life. Go print your mission statement out and post it next to your mirror and computer, so you can refer back to it often.

The next step is learning how to live your mission. This can be difficult just like keeping resolutions or trying to change a personal habit. The process generally it takes focus, engagement and perseverance to stick with your values and mission in a chaotic and complex world. I am here to help and support your efforts.  Learn more about how Dr.Mark can help by joining up for the weekly Self-Coaching Community where you will be challenged with Self-Awareness exercises and tips on how to live a more meaningful life. When you join the community I will send a weekly challenge for growth and development and a Circle of Life newsletter containing ideas on to change or stay on trap with your new life plan. Send your e-mail to to receive more information. Get started today on a new and energizing path to living a better “quality of life.

Thanks for your interest. Coach Mark


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