New Model for Sales Success: Synchronized Selling System

At the heart of the Synchronized Selling System is the Inspirational Leadership model that identifies the present skills, behavior and attitude of your sales staff and where they need to go and what they to develop to obtain excellence.  The model provides a framework for your sales professionals to:

  • Create personal sales visions that are in synch with customers’ buying preferences and their organization’s business mission and vision.
  • Formulate effective, efficient and focused influencing and selling strategies to include goals and critical success factors for key or major accounts.
  • Build supportive coalitions or networks both inside their organization to support customer needs and with customers.
  • Establish effective and ongoing  relationships that build trust and loyalty from customers
  • Develop a selling style of facilitation rather than pressure through the use of “Story Telling” tools and techniques. These techniques focus on empathic and responsive listening, problem formulation, strategic solution alignment and effective communication for proposals and presentations.
  • Build a bridge from classroom learning to “back-home” reality by creating ongoing action plans


  • Use knowledge of different industries, customer needs and product or services to suggest buying options and sales strategies
  • Build awareness of customer needs and uniqueness to co-create an effective sales solution that adds value to the sales process
  • Learn and practice key communication skills such as relationship building, strategic planning and problem solving that are in synch with customer needs and goals
  • Assume 100% commitment and ownership to becoming a professional, authentic and accountable salesperson.

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