Feeling “Stuck”? Start Now to Create New Dreams of Happiness

Being “stuck”  is not a fun place to be in life; yet it is a place that many people have chosen because  they see no way out–their dreams have been crushed, boredom sets in and they ignore the pain of living a life of rituals or victim hood. They don’t realize that new dreams can be created and there are places they could “grow into” even if the new dream seems far away and often not yet seen.

Maybe these people need more support, belief in themselves and courage to take the first step for “seeking” and finding a new path. I realize that making changes and developing new directions in life can be scary, painful and confusing.

There are many paths out there to choose from. So I recommend that the first step be one of self-examination including reflection on mistakes made, lessons learned, forgiving yourself for these poor decisions, telling the truth to yourself and then acting on those truths to see the new possibilities in life.

Here is some wisdom from Tennessee Williams on this subject who wrote, “There is a time of departure even when there’s no clear place to go.”

Now your challenge is to decide when it’s time to depart?

How to rediscover your dreams for living a new dream and finding more happiness in life?

So when do you take the first step?


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