New Poem: Quaking of Aspen Leaves


Poem: Quaking of Aspen Leaves by MW Hardwick


Discover your love and your passion in life…

Maybe it’s more than one

Pursue life with energy in a place

Fitting your nature and sensibilities

Embrace a walk in the woods above 10,000 ft

I love hearing the Aspen leaves quaking in the afternoon sun

Listening in a mindful way to the whispers

Feeling tranquility wash over me

Wondering is this the end of Fall

Or just a winter tease

I love the sound of clicking boots on the mountain path and switchbacks.

Wisp of the wind in the pine and aspen trees

Limbs turning to and fro as birds hang on for dear life

Tickle of thin and cooler air of early Fall

I love the solitude and comfort of nature.

My body feling restored and mind being renewal

By just taking a belly breath in the moment.

Mountains are my place to feel free…happy, spiritual

And at peace…peace…peace…



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