What is Your Answer to the Existential question–What is the Meaning of life?

How do you live a meaningful life no matter where you are and the struggles you face?

Daily Quote:

This existential struggle is summed up best by Rick Bass, Naturalist and writer in this quote:

“Activism is war, and you can make some fine stories and even a fine novel out of war. But you can’t do that for life. Instead of nurturing and developing the empathetic worldview necessary for good fiction, you train yourself in the other direction. And then there is the element of time. I’m putting in eight hours a day easy on the computer or in lobbying, educating and running different organizations. And then there’s family time that’s just so precious that I’m not going to let anything get in the way of it. That means that fiction takes a back seat to family and activism. The good news is that I have a chance to effect change, permanent change on a landscape. I’d be a fool to complain.” Rick Bass, Naturalist and Writer 


I remember doing a post on this subject for thewick and I answered this question from a naturalist perspective. “For me it is looking up and seeing a hawk soar and remembering the freedom I have to choose what this life is about”.

Challenge Assignment: What is your answer to this dilemma ? See more at: Charlie Rose interview with Naturalist and writer Rick Bass


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