New Poem On Meaning and Silence of Life

On Meaning and Silence of Life-MW Hardwick 

Being there …

Caring when caring is tough

Giving your gift for living  to others

Smile often

Accept others

Facing difficulties with courage wear on your face

Making most of what you have helps you walk upright

Clear on who you are

Where you want to go

Continuously updating your mental maps

Feeling what you feel and moving on

Being satisfied with what you have


Positive branches of “tree of life”

Enjoying life as it comes at you

Growth comes from being aware

Living a life of passion, perseverance with courage…

Always making progress–

Courage to try new things

Risking failure to keep on going

Living a life of no regrets or limits…

Learning by being open to change.

Knowing its tough to learn mistakes you never made.

Never stop dreaming…dreaming and more dreaming…

Stop …Breathe. Relax. Observe…

Then Challenge, Choose and Act.

Let go ..let go…let go…

Accept what is so

Then listen to the silence…

The silence, silence and silence…of life


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