Want to be Perceived as an Effective Leader? STOP being an Asshole or Jerk

Why do most workers assume that leaders are ‘Assholes”. Mainly,because some promenade leaders are seen as arrogant, abusive, make too much money and lack effective interpersonal communication skills such as, empathy, listening and understanding. Most ineffective or bad leaders seem to lack patience and are experienced as selfish. An article in the Washington Post summarizes this issue in very dramatic ways by listing many of these asshole leaders from General Patton to Steve Jobs and the infamous Donald Trump. After reading this insightful article you will understand why many people make the connection between poor leadership and being an asshole.

Dr.Robert Sutton, author of the business bestseller The No Asshole Rule , has recently said, “Everyone has their own private Steve Jobs. It usually tells you a lot about them—and little about Jobs.” Most potential leaders who thing Jobs, Trump or Patton are good role models for leadership seem to be taking a narrow and dying view of an old leadership style called the Command and Control model. Most people would agree that the CC style is a sure way now of days to doomed or de-railment their career because the 21 Century leader knows that communication and excellent “people skills” and emotional intelligence are a more fruitful path for career advancement.

So what is the answer for avoiding the Asshole syndrome as you move forward in your career ?

 People who want to stop being an asshole must re-learn or learn how to improve their communication effectiveness and empathy. Recent research by Zinger and Folkman indicate that this was the most common skill that that bad leaders (assholes) needed to improve. Communication skills can be fine tuned and learned once the individual knows their current level of communicating and is committed to learn new skills. These skills are very changeable with deliberative and focused practice. For many leaders, improvement in communication skills is less about learning new skills than about using the skills they already possess, but are under utilized. If you choose to improve and be perceived as an effective leader recent research shows that when struggling leaders spend time improving presentation skills, the effort can produce an immediately payoff.

After a leader acknowledges a need to improve communication skills and a focus plan for change is created, and before action is taken, you need to get into the right mindset. The power of your thoughts, your positive mindset, your committed focus on your goals and your plan will improve your chances of success in each area you take action in. You must believe in yourself and your ability to achieve your goals. You must become aware of your thoughts and maintain the ones that will support you’re getting what you want. You must eliminate distractions and focus on your strengths and  the end result.

Create a more inspirational, open and supportive workplace environment. Don’t miss this article on what bad leaders need to do to improve their perceived leadership effectiveness. Many of the factors Jack Zenger and Folkman point out in their recent HBR articles are common sense behaviors and actions not being practiced commonly enough. Their data show that taking these change steps are especially effective in increasing the success of leaders who’ve been formerly regarded as poor, but they can improve all leaders.

So, read these articles and stop holding yourself back by under performing behaviors that yo can change.



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