For my active clients Seth,Mike, Joe and Scott. Please review these Active Listening tools. Then pick one tool like restatement or questioning to practice with a trusted business partner like a sales rep or or vendor. Capture in your Learning Journal–What tool you were working to improve, who you tried it out with and how the interaction went–not so good, better than most or best ever. If the practice didn’t work did you pick yourself up and try again. Please capture your reflections for week and let me know in writing by Friday, Feb.7th how the assignment went for you and your development as a better and more effective leader. Coach Mark

Growth Mindset: Be a Life-long Learner

Studies have concluded that 70 percent of the average day is spent in communicating.  However, only 10 percent of that communicating is done in writing: therefore, the rest is verbal.  Also, it has been discovered that most people speak at a rate of 125 words per minute and that people can absorb or process words at a rate of 400-500 words per minute.  The question becomes what do we do with that extra capacity to listen?

Since gathering information and connecting with people are important dimensions of leadership it seems only smart to always be looking for ways to improve the skills of listening and questioning. Remember what I have said before: “A masterful coach is a person builder and value developer…who enters into a trusted relationship with the intent of making a positive difference in helping other’s to  improve their ability to listen, confront issues, problem solve and perform…

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