I am still wondering why more companies don’t lead from the “topline” with stronger values beyond making a profit? Maybe it is selfishness rather than selflessness. Read about one company SAS right here in North Carolina that gets it. Enjoy and reflect how you can lead the way at your company. thewick

Growth Mindset: Be a Life-long Learner

“Without the joy, we can rarely have the courage, energy, passion and enthusiasm to achieve the things that make our work and life meaningful. The secret is to get the values, beliefs, and incentives aligned with the behaviors and actions we want.”  Mark W. Hardwick, Ph.D.

The management cure for low productivity is typically to push workers harder. Unfortunately, the side effects of crushed morale and decreased job satisfaction can have the opposite effect. There is another way. Build a great climate to work in. Treat people with dignity and respect.Here’s how.

The Problem:

If it feels like you’ve been working harder but enjoying it less, there’s a good chance it’s true. According to USA Today, a MetLife study recently released shows that companies are increasing productivity demands on their employees: 40 percent of employees surveyed reported an increase in workload over the past year, while 36 percent of…

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