In light of the “gun control” debat I wanted to way-in with this poem of how the Mentally Ill in America have been mostly untreated through broken promises by our policy makers. Let’s start providing the resources and help need RATHER THAN TURNING OUR JAILS INTO THE MENTAL ASYLUMS OF THE PAST. MW HARDWICK

Growth Mindset: Be a Life-long Learner

Reflections on Being Mentally Ill in America by M.W. Hardwick, Ph.D

Being Mentally ill in America means trying to smile when you want to scream.

It means trying to hold on to life amid psychological turmoil.

It means running from voices telling you to do bad things.

It means not knowing how to get help.

It means watching everyone moving forward in life as you remain stuck.

It means having your mind clouded with confusing thoughts and delusions.

It means being stigmatized for being labelled for being different.

It means being ignored, shunned and feared.

It means living a lonely and mostly solitude life with a brain disease.

It means overcoming fear and daily rejection

It means being feared and not getting help unless you show that you are a “danger to self and others.”

It means never being understood or getting the support you need for Recovery.

It means…

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