If you are preparing for a difficult conversation and want to re-start your relationship with a colleague or friend try this structure for increasing and resolving differences. Good Luck and let me know what worked and didn’t work so I can improve the model. Thanks, Mark

Growth Mindset: Be a Life-long Learner

Quote: “Setting a goal is not the main thing. It is deciding how you will go about achieving it and being flexible enough to change the plan if it is not working”. Mark W. Hardwick

I am starting a new series on Daily Management Tips–Here is my first edition to your tool box. Enjoy and let me know how it worked so I can share with our community

Process Framework and Flow for Coaching Session

Before session check for convenient time to discuss issues and opportunities. Be clear on goals or objectives for the session… Remember to Use how to… (statement)  For Example, GM says to sales manger… Bill can we meet at 10:00 am tomorrow to discuss How to improve our current status for 18 wheeler sales in the Down River location. I will need to know what is in the funnel–prospects, proposals out and your best guess on…

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