New Poem–A Walk Around the Lake the Sun Arising

A Walk Around the Lake –by MW Hardwick 

Stuck and confused I walk around the lake

Bending my head I lean-into the chilly wind

Pushing forward one step at a time

Fog is just lifting a bit

Don’t worry, you’ll be okay

Slowing down is good

Stress flows away and recovery kicks-in with each step

Solitude helps takes the pain and pushing away 

Stop pushing and being tough on yourself

You are enough just as you are

There is no need to perform out here

Smile, Relax and take deep breaths

Keep moving forward

Let this dreary morning unfold

You have what it takes to handle anything

Good things come from acceptance and patience, not pushing

Let the misty rain and alone time wash over you and reveal what it is

Trust your deep inner self and enjoy the moment

Accept where you are–frustration, disappointment anger or fear

Right now stop the negative self-talk and judgment

Just be here on the path moving forward one-step at a time

Don’t run or think of things to do or frustrations

Return to yourself in this moment

Where life is perfect and peaceful and safe.

As the sun rises over the hill on the other side of the Lake…

On the Other Side of the Lake…the Lake…

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