A Process that could Change your Life –PLUS 1 strategy for Creating New Habits.

Self-Awareness + Strategy + Simple Action Steps (Plus 1 technique) = New Habits

Don’t ruminate and dwell on stopping something like smoking, drinking, or that your fat or that life has handed you a bad hand for your resolutions this year. Do not focus on stopping a bad habit reframe your thinking by focusing on something positive to do. That’s right try developing new habits by doing and starting to do something that will get more engaged in life.. If you think about where you are today in your life and where you would like to be these goals and personal changes will be obvious to you. This process approach to identifying gaps in your life works because you identify more long-range goals that can be turned into habits that put you on a path to succeed.

Using the Plus 1 technique keeps you focused and supports your motivation for change. You did not go to the gym every day last year only to wake up fat. And I did not  smoke cigars or drink a bourbon nightly to wake with a bad cough and other unhealthy side effects from these bad habits.  Our habits drive us towards a destination and chase out or replace the negative habits of our life.  So how do you build new and positive habits?

So instead of making New Year’s resolutions, ask yourself what direction you want to head in, then create a strategy, clear and concise goals that are measurable simple and specific actions to support it. You’ll be surprised by how far you get when you work on habits not on so-called resolutions– maybe not in a month, but over the long haul. After all, “life is to short” so it is not smart to under mind your own health and happiness 

Here is my new list:

    • Provide  more support and understanding for family members going through tough times.


    • Going to gym two times a week and playing tennis 5 times a week.


  •              Spending time to write a blog post every day.


  •              Convert blog poetry posts into a successful e-book.


  •              Create a new and simple package for on-line Self-coaching



  • I don’t know where I’ll end up, but I know each one will be in the direction I want to go, and the habits are easy to define. In fact, they’re great for using a checklist for how I am using my precious time during the New Year 2013 .


What are some of the habits you’re trying to develop this year?


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