5 Daily Journal Questions to Support Behavior Change and Increase Happiness

Get in the daily habit of taking five to ten minutes to reflect on and capture in a Personal Learning Journal.    There is real power in the simple act of  keeping a journal. All you need to do is: STOP, OBSERVE, REFLECT AND DO (writing).  It creates a positive cycle of mindfulness and relaxation, which leads to more noticing of your own happiness, obstacles and progress toward fulfillment. The more we practice KEEPING A JOURNAL, the stronger the habit becomes. If you don’t have something to journal  these five questions below are identified as powerful change stimulants and  in the high performance literature to help create new habits and  increase productivity and happiness not to mention you will learn new ways to become more self-aware for overcoming barriers to personal change. The five questions are:

#1. What one thing is most important for me to do or complete today?

# 2. Did I accomplish #1  today? Why or why not? If your answer is no what were the barriers or distractions that stop you and can you overcome these barriers? 

#3. On a scale of 1 (low amount) to a 10( high) Do you feel today was a fun day?

#4 What are a couple of things you need to do tomorrow to be more productive and have more fun? ?

#5. What is one thing you can do differently tomorrow to make a positive step forward to increase your happiness? 


One thought on “5 Daily Journal Questions to Support Behavior Change and Increase Happiness”

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    Here is exercise # 2 in the Free Plus One Self-Coaching process. IThese five questions will keep you on track daily so you execute the changes you want to make in your life. Good Luck and keep me posted on how you are doing. I love your questions and comments. (thewick)

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