In case you missed some new ideas on being Mentally Tough I have edited and update this insightful post.

Growth Mindset: Be a Life-long Learner

15 Habits of Mental Toughness

The only source of mental toughness is experience under pressure”  MWH

1. Mental Toughness (MT) is being clear about goal or purpose no matter the context or situation.

2. Act even when one does not feel like it or are in the mood to do it.

3. MT is choosing the most important thing to do right now.

4. Focused on doing one thing at a time

5. The Mentally tough individual possess a positive attitude–Use the Dr. Fredrickson’s 3-1 rule of thumb when trying to be optimistic in interacting with others.

6. Flexible—able to re-define  and re-set new strategy after failure

7. Fear doesn’t hold them back—They lean in and confront hurdles or barriers to success.

8. The MT don’t get distracted by little or insignificant stuff–they embrace stress .

9. They are able to make decisions without full information available and act.

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