Brainstorming why people don’t do what is expected? 28 Triggers and motives


Just Brainstorming on reasons for not doing what you say you will do. Add your thoughts and ideas 

1. Lack of clarity about task you are being asked to do

2, Complex activity that doesn’t explain the necessary steps  to do what u want them to do

3. Don’t read the directions to learn what to do

4. False assumptions- People expect they can do  it based on past experience in similar situations.

5. Situation doesn’t match your strengths or abilities

6. Fear of failure and looking bad so consciously decide not to take the risk

7. In particular situation you feel vulnerable or afraid to try–anticipate something bad will happen

8. Don’t trust other person’s motivates or intentions–No Trust

9. Don’t like what is being ask for you to do

10. Not involved in making decision on WHAT TO DO–Lack ownership

11. Based on past experience don’t like what you are being asked to do–don’t find activity enjoyable and assume it is too difficult and hard work

12. Lack energy to do what is requested.

13. Barriers and obstacles to difficult to overcome

14. Stuck in old ways of doing things

15. Don’t like you and the way you ask–personality conflict

16. Don’t have money, or resources time to do it.

17. Lack personal commitment or willingness to do it.

18. Don’t care to do it–feeling of so what–no consequences tied  to doing it or not

19. Framing of request is stop doing such and such not start doing such and such

20. Too dependent on what you do and say

21.  Task not specific enough or too vague as to what,where, how, how many and with whom

22. Bored because activity to repetitive and mundane

23. Activityhas no meaning or importance to them

24. Can’t make commitments because don’t want to assume responsibility or be blamed for failure if it happens

25. A mindset based on Disaster fantasy or worst case scenario

26. To big of a request  in terms of what is supposed to be done or in what time frame.

27. Activity goes against your values or ethical position in life.

28. Don’t have the ability or skills to do what is being requested.





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