Since I have been blogging a lot on meaning and constructive living I thought with the New Year coming I would re-post my thoughts on Living with Purpose. Enjoy and have a Happy New Year. MWH

Growth Mindset: Be a Life-long Learner

Living On Purpose –by M.W. Hardwick

Every thought you have,

Every feeling you feel,

Every action you take is an experience—

Some short-lived uneventful

Others meaningful, long-lasting..

Experiences are not good or bad

They just are…

Impact defined by you.

Critical moments focus on

Survival, safety, suffering and fun.

Some boring and depressing,

Some are painful and unforgiving.

And some are uplifting and fun.

Sometime experiences seem interconnected

Other times random

Maybe that is what meaning in life is–

Bundle of moment to moment experiences.

Filtered by






Meaning provided own unique perceptions

Accept them

Life is renewed every second

Challenge and fight them

You join “the figure it” out crowd

Searching… searching … searching

For unreachable answers–

You cross the threshold

When acceptance and ambiguity drives search.

Life can not be choreographed as a dance…

Embracing faith, luck or chance

Ease the pain and unleash exploration

You are…

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