Poem: On Vulnerability and Good Enough

Vulnerability by MW Hardwick 

Rooted in “I am not good enough”

Shame and guilt are just part of life

dis-connected, numbed and unfeeling

People with strong sense of self and belonging –feel they are worthy of



Openness ,


And Joy…

Others wonder –Am I good enough

Worthiness is at center of being awake

whole hearted people have sense of



and Okayness

Okay to be imperfect

OK to be compassionate

OK to treat ourselves kindly

Want some of this okayness–Be vulnerable…

Let go of who you should be

Just be authentic

Vulnerability makes you reachable and beautiful

It is willingness to say I love you first,

take risks is fundamental to living okayness

Vulnerable is letting go of control

You maybe rejected, brushed aside or put down

You can’t control or predict these things

Authenticity is at the center of Joy

It produces real sense of belonging of  love


Struggle with vulnerability makes you real

Numb vulnerability at your own risk,  at your risk —

to addictions, being fearful, alone and wanting

No real feelings just numb self —

I don’t want to numb real feelings

Embrace feelings without filters to fully experience…

joy. gratitude. happiness.

Vulnerability makes sense of our past,

Brings peace for today,

Creates a vision for tomorrow.

Be vulnerable…enrich you life.

Unlock the fullness of living…

Just Be Vulnerable…Just be…


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