Six Key Questions for Assessing Organization and Team Readiness for Coaching and Development?

To accurately assess your organization’s  for “coaching and personal development” it is important to look at your current level of leadership and development attitudes and realities. You can start a discussion about leadership and change in your team or organization by asking questions such as:

• What’s our assessment of the organization’s approach to “soft skills” education and coaching?

• Where do I and others need to be more effective leaders and coaches?

• What is encouraging and helping promote and foster leaders and coaches — for individual development and for broader organization growth?

• What is impeding, creating barriers or discouraging open communication and personal development for individuals and for the broader organization?

• What would you recommend changing or enhancing so as to help encourage, promote

and foster leadership development in your team?

• What do we do when someone comes to us with a request for leadership or managerial development? What could we do differently?


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