Daily Coaching Tip: Creating Confidence through Small Changes

How to create Confidence through small chances

One way to ensure confidence and passion is to be very comfortable with the content and information you are presenting.  Then practicing your delivery style and aligning visual and vocal elements through practice. Perfect practice makes perfect.

To rehearse.  To drill.  To get feedback. To run through the timing and script time after time, review the video and raise your confidence level.  Practice provides a safe environment to work purely on performance dynamics, without the stress and pressure for results. You can try out new approaches…you can screw up…get feedback…adjust timing…try out involvement techniques…practice using equipment…work on new jokes or stories, etc.

Practice makes perfect is an old saw; but not necessarily true at all. What we do know is that practice makes permanent. What makes it perfect is practicing the right skills over and over with feedback and time to try the behavior again until we get it right.


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