Self- Coaching tool–The C.A.R.E.Communication Model for Connecting with Others

James Humes, former presidential speechwriter, who identifies public speaking as “the language of leadership, says, every time you speak—whether it’s in an auditorium, in a company conference room, or even at your own desk—you are auditioning for leadership.”

The CARE Model of Audience-Centered Conversations.

The CARE Model™ is the ability to present information in a voice and common language that connects with your audience needs. Thus, extraordinary leaders are considered audience-centered when they use the following four communication channels:

Connect– develop rapport and be open to others input into the agenda to be discussed

Awareness-through gathering information and needs of participant through questioning and probing the presenter has the opportunity to adjust and be more responsive to audience members interests.

Relevance–relate stories and ideas that ring true for others. This increases the attention and interactive nature of your presentation. You are providing something practical and important to audience members life’s.

Empathy–understand issues and opportunities from the other person’s point of view, before providing your own opinion and developing common ground solutions for follow-up actions.

Most presenters have  an over reliance on just one channel and focus for communicating with their audience. I call this the Joe Friday approach–Just the facts, please…Just the Facts. Business leaders who use this approach often speak on just the factual channel and then don’t understand why their messages didn’t resonate or connect with audience members. Good communicators understand that listeners always filter a message through their own perceptual and emotional bias. By focusing on open communication principles speakers can conquer fear and false assumptions by inspiring their listeners to align and unite toward a professional and clear vision based on shared values and coherent principles of communication.


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