Learn to Win from Within: Part 2–Audience-Centered Presentations

Part ll Self-3 : Radiate through your Presence  

Presenting your ideas is a risky proposition that takes clear thinking, courage and openness to other points of view. There’s something special about  someone who keeps their vision high, ideas clear and shows flexibility when challenged–they radiate authenticity. They’re connected to how they want to be of service, what they want to create, and the power of what they have to offer.

What they radiate isn’t coming from expectations–how they’ll perform, what other people will think and the end of speech smiles on the evaluation sheet. It comes from loving what they do, having ability to influence with meaningful stories, communicating clearly at the level that everyone understands and having fun doing it. Do not make the mistake of taking the importance of communication for granted  – communication matters. Put simply, the ability to effectively communicate with others is often the difference between success and failure. Don’t be fooled into thinking your title, education, influence, or charisma can take the place of clear, simple and sound communication skills.

While the aforementioned characteristics certainly won’t hurt, they can be quickly eroded and/or undermined by making poor choices in the words you use.

If you communicate well the radiance you project is coming from the pure, utter joy of feeling alive and connected. Being connected to their passion and other people–of being excited that they get the privilege of doing what they know they were meant to do communicate to be understood.

It’s not about winning, money or recognition. It’s about being real and authentic.


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