Power of Small Dose Learning and Change–Smart-Steps Method.

Smart-Steps for Personal change and new rituals

Turning a desire into a positive ritual requires— focus, willpower and constructive action. Use the Smart-Steps Method to create new routines and rituals optimize your routine:

  • Start with small-steps and realistic plan: If you want to exercise in the morning try going to bed thirty minutes earlier than usual. Do this for a few days then add an activity such as–meditation, walking or a few stretching exercises.
  • Choose one new goal at a time to introduce: If you want to walk, mediate  and write in a journal, choose one of these and make it a habit before adding another. This can take from thirty to ninety days to become a new routine.
  • Monitor your energy: Building a new habit takes effort, so take care of yourself while making these changes. Fuel your body by eating healthy.
  • Chart your progress: Start with a baseline. New rituals can take months not weeks to establish. Keep track of how you’re doing for at least sixty days this will keep you focused and motivated.
  • Feel free to use rewards to lock-in changes. Eventually new behaviors will produce their own motivation, but until then, external motivations like promising yourself a new bike or swim suit or dinner out can keep you on track. Choose things you enjoy: this should be a “Lent” project of giving fun things-up but a fun time to add inspiration and new ways of spending your time and feeling better about yourself.

Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement will provide a good feeling and you to renew outdated patterns which no longer are necessary or actuality hinder your growth and development Remember the only thing we can count on in life is constant change. Sometimes we have to consciously plan for self-renewal. Your goal is to take stock of what is working or not and replace any rituals that no longer serve you well with new ones that make you feel energized positive about creating a more meaningful and constructive life.

This type of pro-active venture of personal change and renewal—is not an intellectual exercise. The effort must be fired with determination, discipline and fun so you feel good because it is like a new chance to do things right. It is your chance to show that you have the power to shape your life from the inside out. Whenever I’m tempted to say I can’t or don’t want to continue this change project or new ritual, I remind myself that I choose to make this change and succeeding will require continuous and bold action not a luke warm commitment. So when barriers pop-up or you feel ready to cave-in to the old “status quo” or pressure to take the easy road amp-up your efforts. Rather than retreat, reach deep down inside yourself for the strength to carry-on. Keep the faith, give it time to work its magic and never, never give-up.

Challenge Assignment: So how would you like to change your life? What routines or habits do you want to change?  Answering these two important questions requires some careful reflection and once you decide you need to make an investment of the heart and soul because that’s where commitment draws its energy and power. Once you decide, Smart-steps change can help you accomplish great things. Good Luck and keep us posted on your progress.


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