Poem: Renewal on Baldhead Island

Morning On Baldhead Island Poem by Mark W. Hardwick

Every morning I stand at the back of the cottage…lookig through the scrub oaks at the sun coming up on the marshes…It is quite no cars rattling only the sound of crickets and wind through the trees…

Following rolling path to the beach is soft and my bare feet push me along— One after the other
Ocean and beach is re-created everyday…Recreated and refurbished

Pleasure is the bright orange and yellow sun rising slowly out of east

Peeking its head over the horizon and through a fluffy white cloud.

Streaming white and yellow laser beams of the sun
Pile of ashes on beach
dark against the immense sand remnants of evening before

Kites and plastic bags fasten themselves to the sea oats
Wave’s pound in one after the other
blue and white
on which shells are scooped up and hit the beach

Will I be lucky and find a conch or some other treasure
Tranquility with nature on an empty beach
Be happy
As you walk along the hard wet sand

For many moments, your imagination
alighting everywhere and every thing
As if your spirit is being brighten within it

Your knees ache
And the pain in the back calls to stop —
it’s all you can do
to keep on trudging —

So you sit and let the waves wash over your ankles the solitude
somewhere deep within you arises
And for a long moment making you one with earth and nature
This is exactly what is needed to restore—your energy.

Each wave with its constant pounding
is a Zen moment to be honored
This glorious morning,

Filled with the pleasures of the moment pelicans remind you
How work and play can be one

Feel the happiness and calm,
Mindful of nature’s force and serenity

As renewal slowly wraps tender arms around you

With love and gratitude….Love and gratitude…

You feel free again to be open, vulnerable and loving…

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