Are you a Coach for Others?

“A masterful coach is a person builder and value shaper…who enters into a trusted relationship with the intent of making a positive difference in helping other’s to  improve their ability to listen, confront issues, problem solve and perform up their full potential”. Mark W. Hardwick, Ph.D.

There seem to be a number of factors that interfere with people being effective coaches.

1. The need to be right.

2. Worry they don’t have right knowledge, tools or skills to coach

3. They don’t have a clear understanding of the goals, structure and process for helping others.

4. Fear of failure and looking bad, if they attempt to coach and it doesn’t work

5. They think they are playing god or looking omnipotent

What is at the core of these obstacles is their intentions for coaching and why providing feedback observations, ideas and tips are so powerful for an individual’s ability to be honest, open and trusting during the process. Powerful and purposeful coaching does not insure successful change but it opens up for both the coach and person being coached to new perspective and possibilities for growth.

The only worry you have as a coach is that your intention to help another person is clear and congruent with the words you speak. Your intentions are filtered and transmitted by past conversations, tone of your voice, your ability to make sincere eye contact, and other body language signals. Other factors are whether the person you are coaching hears your care and concern and finally trust you enough to eagerly engage in a more intimate and self-disclosing conversation.

In the end the best way to learn how to coach is to coach and be coached because I feel the true definition of a great coach is someone who shows genuine concern for your development and interest than their own. These people are the people who have made a positive difference in your life.


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