Presentation Playbook- 10 Rules for Winning from Within

Most presentations go bad because the presenter didn’t design or prepare well enough. I have gleamed many tips from my presentation coaching with actual clients. So the next time you are designing or preparing a presentation don’t start with a blank Powerpoint slide, instead review these tips to jog your memory of what is important in crafting and delivering a audience focused presentation. I have found these ideas so helpful I’m going to elevate them to my 10 Commandments of Great Presentations for a hand-out at my next seminar.

The Presenter’s  Playbook for Stickiness.

1. Embrace the challenge of the presentation and opportunity to show your best.

2. Trust and believe in your message and ability to deliver it in a memorable way.

3. Get out of worrying about acceptance and results and into the process of connecting with the audience

4. Be audience-centered and focused not self-centered and arrogant. Meet the audience needs and expectations. 

5. Be prepared to accept surprises and be confident  that nothing will upset you on the platform.

6.  Learn to be flexible and open and ready to change at moment by reading your audience and listening for non-verbal feedback

7. Don’t just “wing it”  learn to enjoy planning, design and practice. Make yourself and message memorable–Be the buzz during the “coffee break”.

8.. Love your message and audience–don’t effort or try so hard be authentic and play to your natural strengths

9. Respect audience attention span and learning capacity.–Don’t over load them with facts , figures and information. Focus on one important thing and keep the message simple. Support message with a great story that is relevant to your message.

10. Remember — Perfection is a killer to spontaneity so be  present in the moment and  have fun doing it. Be your own best friend.

Follow these rules and see your presentation leap to a new level of connecting with the audience.


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