Daily Quote and Reflection-Journaling on My Birthday.

Daily quote and Reflection

Quote: What is the most amazing thing?
That we live as if we are going to live forever.- Hindu Proverb.

Daily Journaling and Reflection—Untapped source of energy. There is real power in the simple act of journaling. Stopping, Observing, Reflecting and Doing (writing).  It creates a positive cycle of mindfulness and relaxation, which leads to more noticing of your own happiness, obstacles and progress toward fulfillment. The more we practice journaling, the stronger the habit becomes. This is my  journal entry today on my birthday—

Power question–Which is more certain, today my birthday or tomorrow my death?

Birthday Poem: Life or death- by MW Hardwick

If today my birthday is special, how should I live this day?

The answer, for me, is to celebrate my birthday

Live in the here and now and

Enjoy every breath

Then take this day — my starting point 68 years ago

And live today and everyday as my last.
Be in good cheer, see the bright side of all challenges

Accept my friends and loved ones today.
Live with a clear purpose of having fun today. My special day.
Put aside all the expectations

And just experience what comes today.

Ignore my duties for today.
Cultivate myself today. Be care free.
Live mindfully today.
Be at peace today.
Be happy today.

Be patient.

And accept what comes.

If I live this way today, I live in fulfillment and peace of mind.
If I die today, I die fulfilled with gratitude in my heart.

And in peace. And in peace…peace…


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