New Poem –Life is a Gift by MW Hardwick


Life is a Gift by MW Hardwick 

Life is a GIFT , Receive and cherish it.

Life is short, make the most of it.

Life is nature, protect and conserve it.

Life needs a purpose, create and realize it.

Life is a challenge, face them…

Life is a game, learn the rules and play fairly.

Life is made-up of relationships connect, nurture, hold them dearly.

Life needs a purpose, create, and fulfill it…

Life is sad sometimes, embrace the feelings and move on…

Life is unfair, accept it.

Life is fun, enjoy these moments.

Life is an adventure, take some

Life is luck, be ready for it.

Life is fragile and precious, hug it…

Living and being in the one is living in the here and now…

Life is life, live it and love it… love it… Love every moment of it….




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