New Poem–One Shining Moment

One Shining Moment by MW Hardwick  

Weaves in and out from defenders

Reaches out and grabs the bounce pass

He dribbles around the screen and glances at the basket

On the hard courts

rich in texture and color

He jump stops

And gazes at the rim,

He fakes and then shoots,

Up in the air

Raising his cocked arm

Above his head

Snaps the wrist

And follows through like fish-hook

And years of deliberate practice

Tells him it is always good

This day and this moment

Is all there is

All pieced together

This one final moment…

The shooting hand

And eyes fix on the rim

As fan noise reaches a climax

Hear the swoosh…swoosh…

Of the net

Now enjoy and love,

One Shining Moment…Moment of truth…

Oh, my God…


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