The Presenter’s Voice–Overcoming 7 Errors of ineffective Communication

” Communication between leader and constituent is at the heart of everything.” John Gardner

Process with Structure key elements: Process and principles trump techniques every time

  • Deliberative Practice
  • Curse of Knowledge
  • Delivery and design Principles–Unique Connection

Seven fatal errors of communication– The biggest flaw with communicators is assuming that they have connected, their message has taken place. and people will know how to execute it.

1. People are listening and with listening the message has been internalized

2. People understand what was communicated–check to see if they get it.

3. People care what was communicated–Show people what is needed to be more selfless

4. People agree with was communicated–Communicator must over come cynicism and doubts

5. People are inspired and motivated take action on new ideas–Create support systems and models for change

6. People are willing to change their ways without evidence that it is the right thing to do–Provide facts and emotional reasons for change that overcome the fears of changing 

7. People are able to push pass uncertainty and doubt with only limited exposure to a message.–Need for continuous and frequent reinforcement of message by communicator