Daily Quote and Reflections: Re-thinking your Communications– If you think it, it will stick

Daily Quote: “People tend to think that having a great idea is enough, and they think the communication part will come naturally. We are in deep denial about the difficulty of getting a thought out of our own heads and into the heads of others. It’s just not true that, “If you think it, it will stick…”    Chip and Dan Heath, from their book —Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die  

Reflection:  One of our first  “Process with Structure” design principles for Smart-Steps is to  “Think Expectations and Needs” Focus on the audience and people you are trying to influence and provide information too.  It is important to thoroughly understand the situation people find themselves in, what is the most important problem they face, how have they tried to solve it in the past and what can be done now to correct the issues they face. If you want to be a communicator keep your message concise, clear and simple.

Remember the four sides of a problem model presented by Dr. David Kolb. It is important to spend at least 50% of your time defining a problem before rushing in with solutions. This rushing in is caused by your vast experience and expert knowledge called the Curse of Knowledge. Don’t rush in with a pat solution to a problem, just because you have seen similar situations or problems before. One size doesn’t fit all is marrow way of approaching problem solving or solution finding ways. Look for differences in the problem situation to  individualized your approach through brainstorming and searching for the right alternatives and be open-minded in trying to  discover new answers even if it means starting over with a clean slate.

Also, focus on the uniqueness of the presenting problem so that you can customize the solution and message from your audience point of view and needs. Always remember to ask over and over again do these solutions fit the problem and expectations of your audience members goals? And is my message clear, concise and simple? The Process with Structure approach to personal and smart-step change is based on the idea of making problem solving, opportunity finding and creating messages a creative work of art and science.


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