Daily Quote and Story: Winning Isn’t Everything

In the run up to March Madness and other activities in your hectic life don’t miss this story from NPR by Frank Deford–When there is more to Winning than Winning 

Quote: ” It was senior night, and the loudest cheers went to Cory Weissman, No. 3, 5 feet 11 inches, a team captain — especially when he walked out onto the court as one of Gettysburg’s starting five. Yes, he was a captain, but it was, you see, the first start of his college career. Cory had played a few minutes on the varsity as a freshman, never even scoring. But then, after that season, although he was only 18 years old, he suffered a major stroke. He was unable to walk for two weeks. His whole left side was paralyzed. He lost his memory, had seizures.

But by strenuously devoting himself to his rehabilitation, Cory slowly began to improve. He was able to return to college, and by this year, he could walk without a limp and even participated in the pregame lay-up drills…” Read more at When Winning is more than Winning

Reflection:  Away from the  “Big stage” of Division I Basketball the true worth of sports shines through when you hear a story like this. I would like to hear and see more stories like this rather than the latest drug use, or money issues in the NCAA. It is very inspiring to see how kind and respectful we can be when we stop to do the “right thing” 


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