New Poem–On Making A Difference by M.W.Hardwick

Poem:  On Making A difference

I can only do what I can do

The world needs more awareness and caring

What can I do?  give more time—

Some food to the food bank, volunteering and

Advocating for more shelter for the homeless

Be more kind and pleasant in my daily interactions

I will do what matters and what I can do.

I can give of my abundance,

And show others that I “walk the talk” of selflessness

I can can sit there and do nothing when others plea for help

But it will reduce who I am and reduce my connections

And reduce my happiness…

We all have choices–we can belittle and criticize

But selfishness is never justified

Caring has no limits

For it is upon giving we come together

Share your special gifts…

We cannot do all the good for others

And we can give and do more…

For our brothers and sisters need all the good that we can do…

Do it now…Do it now

For what the world needs is more kindness and healing

Through…and more love…

Others are waiting…waiting…waiting…


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