Daily Quote and Reflection: Realizing your Dreams become a Life-Long Learner.

Quote: The world is but a canvas to our imaginations–Thoreau

Reflection: WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN DREAMING ABOUT AND IMAGINING? Nothing happens until you act on these dreams. So what is holding you back? You must believe you have the power to act on your dreams. To make dreams of your imagination come true you must want them and see them. When it comes to translating dreams into reality you must be motivated to learn new skills. A crucial step in learning is that people learn what they want to learn. One study by Specht and Sandlin on the “Differential effects of Experiential Learning Activities and Lecture Classes in Accounting,” for an MBA required course showed that students retained their new knowledge for about six weeks or until they were tested on the material. The end of dreaming is to end fear of failure and act on your reality by learning skills necessary to be competent in your field of knowledge.

Action Activity: What dreams are unfilled in your life? What can you do today to move from imagination about the future to action? Stop stopping yourself and begin living your dreams become a motivated and life-long learner.


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