Case study on Creating a Vision, Purpose and Strategic Execution for an Organization

An inspiring vision is what motivates all of us. We want to know that we are working toward something that makes a difference and is meaningful. This organizational principle motivates and sustains  every  person within your organization, from the cleaning personnel to safety engineer and human resources staff and partners or CEO. That is the real job of an inspiring and effective leader — to offer a purpose, vision and execution plan that makes a difference. This alignment is not easy to achieve but it is the key difference between being a manager and a transformation and  empowering leader.  Organizations need selfless leaders who WALK  THE TALK about ethics, socially responsible business practices and humanistic values.

People also need to know that you, as a leader, are in touch with practical solutions and the reality of creating solutions to complex problems. One such organization over the last ten years under the direction of a transforming leader has been IBM. I recommend that you read about Sam Palmisano retired as CEO of IBM on Dec. 31, 2011. His tenure is a model of a pragmatic visionary who renewed  a floundering and stuck organization. Warren Buffett said one of the reasons he recently bought 10.7 billion of IBM stock is because Palamisano “delivers big time”.  See


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