Embracing Purpose and Passion in Life: Meaningful Constructive Living Framework

“Transforming and changing your life: There is a myth in change management theory that positive change in organizations, information technology systems or in one’s life mainly takes place from big ideas and 10 Sigma system and structure and method overhauls not by having a clear purpose and living by it.” Mark Hardwick

In Meaningful and Constructive Living philosophy I challenge the notion of “big” ideas and complete system re-makes as the answer to happiness. I am trying to share some ideas and confront our community of professionals to not only reassess the vision,  and goals for creating a more meaningful life directed by a strong and concise personal purpose in life. Rethinking our understanding of how to change from a life based on what is presented or based on activities into a meaningful and purposeful life takes small changes that can have big impact on our life’s journey.

The process of meaningful change requires self-awareness and dedicated reflection and observations from your life and others experience and then choosing constructive action to create meaning and purpose in life. What follows is the core of Meaningful Constructive Living:

  • MCL guides you in determining what you’re strengths are and helps you identify what you are passionate about, and how to keep these critical values, skills and passions front and center in your daily life.
  • How to create a family and work environments that reinforce your unique view of life
  • How to cultivate and maintain balance in important relationships and goals for living
  • Develop your imagination, problem solving, opportunity finding and decision-making life skills by overcoming interferences and barriers in day-to-day living.

In essence MCL is a process for living a life that reinforces your purpose and values in a way that creates a balanced and Meaningful and Constructive life. MCL provides the mindset, skillset and action steps for confronting life challenges and prospering by living in Smart-Step way.

My passion for life is grounded in learning, openness and curiosity and life’s purpose captured by this motto and commitment to “making meaning and purpose matter®”. For over 40 years now, I have led a search to pulled this experiential approach to live together into a coherent worldview that transform life from just activities build out of habits into a personal change model that is committed to respecting differences and appreciating the excitement that all we CAN COUNT ON IN LIFE IS CHANGE. Now it is time for me to share this worldview so as to help and facilitate others to think and act differently about the world around them. Through the “Process with Structure” approach and experiential tools such as Smart-Steps for change I hope to provide a learning environment for others personal growth and change. This is particularly evident by my belief that anything in life is possible if you are clear on your purpose and persistent in acting to fulfill them. I want to provide a new voice for the design and development of how to handle change and live a Meaningful and Constructive life.

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