Attention Women: Want more Career Success Learn this Little Secret

“Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice”. Steve Jobs

Don’t miss this inspiring story about self-confidence and its impact on how we evaluate our potential to be successful. Ginny Rommety became IBM’s new chief executive and during that process told an interesting story on assertiveness and false humility. ”  spoke about a point early in her career when she was offered a promotion she initially turned down because of fear of failure and underestimating her achievements and belief in her abilities. Encouraged by her husband’s question : “Do you think a man would have ever done that?” She reapply and got the promotion. Lesson learned — to be self-confident on the outside ( fake it) even when she felt self-critical on the inside.

What is it about women’s self-confidence that holds them back from self-promotion. There is a small change in thinking that  could have a major impact on women’s careers. What is this secret weapon that women don’t understand that could mean faster promotions, higher salaries, better jobs, and more meaningful career?  Find out this secret women are afraid to use and men overuse. Jodi Glickman provides an interesting argument in the HBR blog on this confidence issue for women. She talks about confidence as a recognition of accomplishments and a numbers game. I am not sure that this lack of self-promotion and confidence can be solved by her solution, but I do know it would be better for all of us if women had the opportunity to identify their strengths and then learn how to assert those strengths to receive the recognition they deserve.  Remember what the John Wooden, famous coach of UCLA,  said: “It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.”  John Wooden  



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