Want a Sticky Presentation? Don’t Miss Duarte’s Four Design Frameworks for your next Presentation

Nancy Duarte in her book Resonate has identified  four key audience actions a presenter is persuading an audience to take:

  1. Doer: You want them to instigate activities and be your worker bee doing physical tasks and motivating others to complete tasks.
  2. Supplier: These folks get you resources—financial, human, or material and have the means to get you what you need to move forward.
  3. Influencer: These folks can change perceptions and sway individuals and groups mobilizing them to adopt your idea.
  4. Innovator: They bring their brains to the table to help generate new ideas and strategies to help spread your idea.

So instead of their being one clear desired goal, there are four different styles to appeal to and four different possible results to aim for. Every presentation is persuading the audience to take one of these four action steps but most presentations are appealing to all four.


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