Daily quote and Reflective Exercise–Goal Achievement through Smart-Steps

Quote:  ” You go into flow when your highest strengths are deployed to meet the highest challenges that come your way” Martin Seligman, author of new book on well being and happiness called —Flourish 

Smart-Step Exercise : Goal Achievement = Clarity + Concrete + Compelling             

Step 1:  Get clarity by focusing on reality and strengths to accomplish goal  

Too often, we don’t really set goals – we just have dreams and hopes for the future. Some call these pipe dreams.   We don’t get clarity on what we want to see accomplished so we don’t commit ourselves to making them happen.  To get clarity, review reality the relity of your situation and resources such as time, money and support.. Then specific  a goal you would like to achieve in a specific time period next week, month, or year.  (example: I’d like to quite smoking and be healthier by the end of December.2011)

Goal to be accomplished —-I want:  ______________________________________________________________________________.

Step 2:  Make your goal concrete and tangible– Be specific.

When our goals are at 30,00 feet off the ground orvague generalizations we don’t end up ever commit to or take action on them . Increase the tangibility and concreteness of the goal, by asking yourself what the situation will look like when you have accomplished the goal or how you will KNOW when you have reached your goal.  What will positive results look like by such and such a date??  What matrix or measurement will show you have reached your desired results.

Success is to be measured by______________________________________________________________________________________________ 

Step 3:  Get Motivated Make your goal  a challenge but not too difficult that you give up before you start. Make goal realistic given your experience and skills.

It turns out, people are more successful, and achieve more, when they set goals that are stretch you but are not out of the range of possibilities.  Ask yourself, how willing are you to stretch to reach this goal or am I not challenging myself enough? In other words given your strengths and resources is this goal realistic?

Revise your goal TO REALLY CHALLENGE yourself. My new and challenging and realistic goal is_________________________________________________________________________________.:

Good Luck and keep us posted on your success.

“Worry less about cholestero


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