Keys to Presentation Mastery: Ability to Read and Observe Self and Others

“You can observe a lot by watching.”  Yogi Berra

Check your level of competence in engaging audience members:

1. Do you have the ability to note your audience needs and expectations?

2. Ability to red verbal and non-verbal behaviors in the audience and use these observations to clarify and challenge audience members in a productive way?

3. Ability to mirror non-verbal behaviors of audience members like body positions eye contact patterns of facial expressions and vocal qualities that reinforce positive message you are trying to deliver?

4. Ability to read and note discrepancies between your self and the audience and then adapt on your feet to re-connect with the audience?

After reviewing the checklist evaluate your competence by scoring yourself from 1 poor to 10 excellent ability in performing these behaviors. The ones you are able to do keep doing and the ones where you score below 3 or lower can become improvement goals for your next presentation. You will find that through awareness, repetition and practice your connection with the audience and your ability to influence their points of view and action will soar.


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