Thought Leaders use SlideShare best practices to Inspire and Build Business

Recently, I ran across an article by Jesse Stanchak on Smartblog. He was reporting on a panel discussion he had with Alison Watterson of Hewlett-Packard and Dora Smith of Siemens on how their companies were using social media  platforms to share new ideas and generate new business development contacts.  “SlideShare is akin to Flickr or YouTube, in that it’s a network built around sharing a particular type of content … you’re sharing slides from a presentation that was created with Microsoft PowerPoint or a similar business tool. These slides are often used to accompany presentations at conferences or even at internal meetings. These slides are often seen as pure distillations of thought leadership, since they’re designed to inspire others and are composed of easily digestible chunks of information. For B2B firms and other companies that are trying to use their expertise as a way of attracting and enchanting followers, a SlideShare deck can be an easy way to share your message with your target audience.”

The essence of  Watterson’s  “best practices” presentation,  are shared below:

  • “Get permission. Don’t assume every deck is equally shareable. Make sure you’re not disclosing any proprietary information in your deck before posting it.
  • Have a target audience in mind. Who is this deck for? What problem does it address? Craft your decks so that they take on a particular topic in a way that naturally appeals to your ideal customer segment — whether that’s chief information officers, HR chiefs or some other professional group.
  • “Further their thinking.” Great decks challenge assumptions and get people talking.
  • Put SlideShare’s lead sheet to work. You can upgrade to SlideShare’s professional version and ask viewers to fill out a contact information sheet to see your entire deck. That sheet  can let you know who you’re reaching with your thought leadership and give you the means to follow-up with them later”.
So what creative ways are you using to reach possible new clients?

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