New Poem: Happiness Happens…Be Ready…by MW Hardwick


Happiness  happens… Be Ready… by MW Hardwick 

Spend your time when happiness arrives
Be open to what you love
by engaging ideas and people who energize….

Don’t waste your time on past mistakes
learn lessons and get on your path
and leave pain and frustrations behind.

Be aware and attuned to the “here and now”
Let positive energy guide you to unknown opportunities
Offering you a chance for growth and renewal

As the world offers to you …positive energy,
Be there and aware of what to do.. Accept your feelings —enjoy the moment

And you can be truly transformed.

With happiness things still go wrong…
And you have the resilience and belief—-To comeback and step-up …
Life’s journey seems clearer to you.

You are filled with purpose and direction
Happiness comes most often from deep inside… And  seen in outside

Caring and selfless souls
Feel inner peace and act on what is NOW
Happiness flows to those awake and authentic..not to frauds and fakers

Happiness arrives like a cool breeze on a muggy night… Happiness is there for the taking

Happiness  is being proud of who you are and what you do..
Happiness is living spontaneously without monitors or what if’s …

Feeling happy comes from experience and knowing
You are going and doing things aligned with
A purposeful and constructive life…

Feel the joy and  smile…Life is short…

Life is short…Life is being ready…




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