Part 2: Make your next Presentation Remarkable –Say it with passion, emotion and spontaneity. .

Eloquence …may be defined as the speech of one who knows what he is talking about, and means what he says–it is thought on fire…knowledge is of little  use to the speaker without earnestness. Persuasive speech is from the heart to heart,not from the mind to the mind.” William Jennings Bryan

In the past, the traditional method for communicating has been the boring lecture method.  This approach leads to passive audience members who supposedly are listening as the speaker or presenter drones on rationally with their argument, message and facts. . This method of presenting used the flaw tool of ” tell and sell” . Audience members sit in ” rows” and try to stay attentive and awake. In Part 1 of Remarkable Presentations I talked about how to make unique connections with the audience.  Today in Part 2 I would like to focus on how to say things so they resonate with audience members.

So what is the secret for becoming an engaging and remarkable speaker? The new method I have been refining for twenty plus years is called  Interactive Based Presenting (IBP)  Ask the audience to be engaged and discover what learning points and ideas are important and relevant to their interest.  This may be no different today from the classrooms of the 1960s. Some schools are producing students who can take and A’s on standardized tests  and regurgitate enough information to pass SAT’s or LSAT or other exams . Many students, though, walk across the graduation stage with little experience in problem solving or critical thinking and minimal practice in collaboration with others, and no idea how to capture the attention, desire and interest of an audience. So what do they need to do to be more well round and remarkable communicators? As Steve Jobs said, “you can’t talk about profit, you have to talk about emotional experiences…not just cool product but an object of desire.”  The secret is to learn to be enthusiastic, earnest and passionate about your ideas.. How do you do this –speak authenticity and passion. The important “top of the mind” thing for presenters to remember is that every time we speak we determine the receptivity and attitude of those who hears us. If we are low in energy and boring, they will be bored and uninterested in what we have to say. If we are reserved and distant they will be reserved and hard to connect with. But if we are passionate, authentic, and earnest about what we have to say and we say it with feeling,  emotion, spontaneity and conviction, the audience will catch our contagious and spirited message. If you message has meaning for you the effect will be to excite and connect with them. If you have this enthusiasm and ring of authenticity you can make mistakes or break other rules of public speaking, but they will forgive you and you cannot fail. other


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