Daily Quote and Reflection: Two Heroes of Leadership



“Management cannot provide a man with self-respect, or with the respect of his fellows, or with the satisfaction of needs for self-fulfillment. We can create the conditions such that he is encouraged and enabled to seek such satisfactions for himself, or we can thwart him by failing to create those conditions.” Douglas McGregor  From: The Human Side of Enterprise

"Becoming a leader is synonymous with becoming yourself. It is precisely that simple, and it is also that difficult. " Warren Bennis

Reflections: I have always admired and respected Dr. Bennis and his insights on Leadership. I was first introduced to his works during graduate school and have made an effort to read his articles in the HBR. I especially like two of his books The Invented Life and Reflections on Leadership and Change. As far as I am concerned Dr. Bennis  along with his mentor Douglas McGregor (1906–1964)  a professor at the MIT School of Management  and president of Antioch College from 1948 to 1954 developed and fathered a lack luster literature on management and leadership ( ultimately after 27+ books) make this into a growing and robust academic field of Management and Leadership Science.  Dr. Bennis, in the early 60’s,  challenged the prevailing wisdom about Leadership as a command and control function belonging only to CEO’s and other top position in the organization by showing that humanistic, democratic-style leaders are better suited to dealing with the complexity and change that characterize the leadership environment. His viewpoint that Leadership always started with self-awareness as always been a guiding point for me in the many leadership positions  I have been fortunate enough to occupy.

Challenge by Choice: In your field of endeavor who are the leaders and mentors that you have learned from and how have they influenced your life?







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