Daily Quote and Reflections: Thoreau’s take on problem solving and “root” change

Daily quote and Reflection: 

“There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root.” –Walden 

Reflection: Thoreau was certainly a man who march to his own drummer. Cities and towns and urban life did not inspire or ignite his curiosity and creativity. It was nature and all its beauty and wonderment that trigger his perspective on life. I wonder if most appreciate nature so as to change our perspective of what is important in life? Maybe taking 10 minuets a day with nature would slow us down and provide space for renewal and soulful serenity. His ability to observe and become aware that most of our problem solving was superficial ( a thousand hacking at the branches) vs. real critical and deep thinking (striking at the root) provides a vision and a road map for us to stop and look at real causes to climate change, health care issues and equality which are tearing at the fabric of our Democracy

Action Challenge–Are you a root cause problem solver or  a superficial traveler in life?  What ways can you influence more profound change to save our freedoms and gian more personal grounding of what is important in living a Meaningful and Constructive Life?


2 thoughts on “Daily Quote and Reflections: Thoreau’s take on problem solving and “root” change”

  1. Somebody told me at the art co-op I go to that a lot of people have worries about their own lives. Perhaps, these worries are tearing at people and there is not much time to focus on the larger issues. I do notice that some people, however, are engaged and concerned about the issues of climate change and what not. It is high time that the powers that be fixed the “basic necessities” problems facing our country. What do you think?

  2. Thanks for the comment Todd. You are right we elect politicans to represent our interests but it seems like they are more concerned about the interest of the highest bidder. Maybe it is time to get money out of politics so as to make them more accountable to “we the people”.

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