Daily Quote and Reflection: 5 minutes a Day can save your life. Learn the lessons of Mindfulness

 Daily Quote: “If you think five minutes isn’t enough time to make a difference in your life, think again”.Jeffrey Brantley, M.D.  

Reflection:  Recently, I blogged about the power of Mental toughness and Stress in regards to how to face and overcome stressful situations. A friend recently reminded me Mental Toughness, Recover and  Mindfulness all must be the same thing. I assured him there were probably some differences but I wasn’t sure what the were.  So I went in search of finding out more about Mindfulness.  And I found Dr. Jeffrey Brantley who has some wonderful insights into the field of medicine and mindfulness and how to confront anxiety in positive ways. He defines mindfulness as a technique or tool in which a person is attentive in a non-judgmental way to his or her thoughts and actions in the present moment. This approach, practiced in Buddhism and other religions, has been shown recently to be effective in treating psychological problems including anxiety, fear, and panic. In essence it is all about being more self-aware about the moment you are living in. Oh by the way don’t miss Dr.Brantley’s  series on how to start an experiment in mindfulness  by reading his five little book series published by New Harbinger publications, Inc. Remember these books and activities could change your life by getting you back on purpose and meaning. Try one of the Five Good minutes exercise I guarantee they are painless and you will feel instant relaxation. 


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