Take 5 Minutes a day to Reduce Stress–An Exercise in Mindfulness and Reducing Stress

Be a Mountain Exercise

When feel tension or stress practice the following exercise by Dr. Jeffrey Brantley in his Book Five Good Minutes for your Body

This is a good practice for those times when you are feeling scattered, off balance, or unfocused. It allows you to reconnect with the elemental quality of earthiness and strength within. Doing this practice will ground you deeply in the present moment. Learn the difference between good and bad stress and learning how to manage it. 

Stand or sit comfortably. Breathe mindfully for about a minute.

Set your intention. For example, “May this practice help me find inner strength.”

Imagine the most beautiful mountain you have ever seen, either in person or in a photograph.

As you visualize your mountain, let your body become the mountain. Feel the same qualities of steadiness,strength, unshakableness, and majesty.

For the next few minutes, rest in your “mountain body,” unmoved by any thoughts, fears, worries, or other experiences around you, just as the mountain

End by opening your eyes and moving gently.

To come up without straining your back, remember to roll up slowly, one vertebra at a time, your head coming up last. Stand upright, relaxed, with your hands at your side. This is a good exercise for releasing tension.


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