Business Development Architecture:A Model based on Messaging

The goal for successful sales interactions is to understand the customer needs and help them differentiated their services or products in unique ways and provide value that can be evaluated against a consistent  and tangible criteria.   Over the years I have been in the business of designing an effective Sales Architecture called a “structure with process” for business development. This model is dependent on designing a message that is grounded. compelling and believable. In this blog I will outline the stages you need to follow in building a “sticky” and effective ” Business Develoment Architecture”.

Business Development Architecture–Stages of Message Development   

Stage 1. Message gathering intelligence and information

Stage2. Message design and structuring

Stage 3. Message implementation

Stage 4. Message Evaluation

In the next blog I will flush-out the definition and details of this Business Development Architecture.


2 thoughts on “Business Development Architecture:A Model based on Messaging”

  1. This is exactly what someone needs to start a small business. It is highly intelligent and succinct. I find that my problem is being interested in other things, such as the arts and their brilliance. I also find, that most people I interact with or know like to find faults in good, solid ideas; rather than accepting ideas as potentialities for creative solutions to the questions of “what do I want to do; or how can I make it in the world, business or otherwise?” How do you communicate good ideas to a naysayer?

  2. Dad, I love the Jung quote. It is where I am in my life right now. I have a painting titled innerste, which means innermost. I ask myself, what is my most innermost expression?

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