The Presenter’s Mind–10 Commandments of Great Presentations.

“Knowing yourself and being present and sensitive to others needs is the beginning of  “greatest”. MWH

I teach people how to achieve greatness in performance activities such as  presentations. In a world where communication effectiveness is key to success at interpersonal interactions it critical to your quality of life to always be improving.. In essence, my vision is to change the world of presentation one performance and one person at a time. The way I teach it varies from engagement to engagement. Some of my teaching is one on one coaching, sometimes in small groups and some times to large audience trying to model and demonstrate effective engagement and connection strategies and tactics.I like to thoroughly understand who I am talking with and identifying what they want to accomplish to become better communicators.

The Presenter’s  Playbook for Greatness .

1. Embrace the challenge of the presentation and opportunity to show your best.

2. Trust and believe in your message and ability to deliver it in a memorable way.

3. Get out of worrying about acceptance and results and into the process of connecting with the audience

4. Be audience-centered and focused not self-centered and arrogant.

5. Be prepared to accept surprises and be confident  that nothing will upset you on the platform.

6.  Learn to be flexible and open and ready to change at moment by reading your audience and listening for non-verbal feedback

7. Don’t just “wing it”  learn to love planning, design and practice.

8.. Love your message and audience–don’t effort or try so hard be authentic and play to your natural strengths

9. Respect audience attention span and learning capacity.–Don’t over load them with facts , figures and information

10. Remember — Perfection is a killer to spontaneity so be  present in the moment and  have fun doing it. Be your own best friend.

3 thoughts on “The Presenter’s Mind–10 Commandments of Great Presentations.”

  1. Hey Dad! Had a birthday jog, went at my own pace and enjoyed just being active. I sent a note to Noreen directly on facebook. Going to watch Saturday Night Live tonight and just enjoy my day. If you could thank Mom for everything she has done, that would be great. Maybe more time is the approach? Anyhow, enjoying the computer and the internet, it was great to hear from you on my birthday! lots of love, Todd

  2. Dad, I was just reading the Wall Street Journal, about Libya, and thought that maybe they concocted a civil war in order to maintain and hide Ghaddaffi as a dictator. That perhaps the Libyans staged a war? Interesting thought, Maybe you might blog about the tyrant, from Ancient Greece to our modern world. Good idea, perhaps? Just writing, watching golf, maybe a trip to the store later, talk soon—–Todd

  3. Hi Todd–The Libya situation shows how people have a strong need to be independent and need leaders who can create a vision and mission that they support and see can improve their quality of life. Maybe I will blog about the requirement of leaders to be selfless and good models rather than being control freaks who place their own needs and dogma above freedom and justice for those they supposedly serve.

    By the way check out 1to1 .com for free opportunity to create your own blog. Take your run and we will talk later. Love Dad. .

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