Top 10 reasons that typical Presentations are Boring and Fail

Typical slide presentations— Why they fail?

1. No focus on audience needs and expectations. These two critical questions not answered in design of presentations–Why should I listen or bother to listen to this presenter?  What do you want listeners do have they have heard the presentation?

2. Too much data, facts and text. Generally, too long and unorganized.

3. Ignoring Adult Learning Principles.  Irrelevant slides for the sake of slides and need to be the expert.

4. Poor flow, structure or design of slides or the star of the presentation is the slides

5. Talking at rather than engaging and letting audience discover the learning points based on their experiences and interactive exercises .

6. Boring talk because you lecture rather than creating a comfort environment to share ideas and powerful insights

7. Presenter cannot summarize the point of the presentation

8. Methods of story-telling, using metaphors, questions and alignment to meeting the needs of the audience

9. Too scripted, canned and formal–learn your strengths and be more natural.

10.  No connection with the audience because your presentation style  style is robotic and  perceived as unauthentic

Summary: Avoid these 10 visual and design errors if you want to design and delivery a great presentation. It is my belief that ever presentation has the potential to be great and every audience deserves you best.  Key is to become better at design of message, visual and verbal story alignment and executive presence or delivery. Treat audience as your most valued customer by exceeding their expectations. Focus on their needs and wants and your reputation will soar.  Help them see what you say. Combine words with visuals. Practice design deconstruction techniques fewer ideas are  better than a brain dump. Remember the ten minute attention span  principle of presenting and you will be a success and the audience will be the better for it. Good Luck and keep growing .

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